With now 10+ years of experience as a freelancer and in web agencies, my skills are those of a versatile "mini-agency". I am also surrounded by a network of talented and skilled experts allowing me to offer an even wider range of services. My core skills are design, communication and visual design and I am as well able to offer you the following skills:

I am currently available for freelance missions and projects, mainly by remote work or in Lyon, France and Manchester, England.

My commitments

Together with the strong values which drive my practice of design, my services are also built around strong commitments. Quality is at the very heart of what I do. It differentiates me from competition, contributes to a trustful relationship and makes for a better world. I naturally define my services around those 3 themes:

Trust and professionalism

Any professional relationship cannot exist without mutual trust and a commitment to a clean and professional output.

I am on time, I never leave my customers in the dark and keep them informed, I am available and transparent about my work.

I build clear and transparent budget proposals and invoices, I keep my time records available for my clients if they wish to see them.


As much as possible, I keep a good price/quality ratio throughout all my projects and hunt down what is useless and would make everyone lose time and money.

My way of giving advice is focused on the objective. They are experience and expertise driven, especially when the parameters can be optimised.

A solution tailored to the need

I am not an artist, I am a craftswoman, an engineer. I deliver the output that matches the expressed need in regards with my expertise and experience.

I aim right and favour to dedicate my time and efforts to the best hypothesis, with no need to work on several proposals (which would only fulfill an illusory need of having the choice and be detrimental to my work).