I am a designer, speaker, and . I am driven by a strong set of values and I advocate for a better world through respectful and inclusive design. It has now been more than 12 years that I help people and organisations define their foundations to communicate better. With my expertise in graphic design, communication / brand identity and service design, I will help you to:

Find your voice

Let's define your values and tone of voice to craft the perfect face for your project.

Communicate accurately

Tailor-made communication concepts that fit your needs.

Go further than you imagined

Let's think your ideas through again, towards the unexpected.

Current projects

Foundations Workshop

Foundations Workshop

Let's define hand in hand the foundations of a serene communication: values, purpose, objectives and tone of voice. A fundamental and pragmatic workshop.

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Design cards

Design cards

A pragmatic approach to web projects management with a neat set of cards, to add more quality to any web project. More about this project soon!

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Resume Remix Workshop

Resume Remix Workshop

A 2-hour custom sprint to revamp your job hunting and see what could be enhanced in your communication tools. More about this project soon!

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My purpose

To make the world a better, more usable place thanks to design, to create human systems and solutions, to drive projects that make a real sense.

My values and methods

Who am I?

I craft, paint, sew, knit, write, take pictures, create furniture, . I enjoy tea, succulent plants, rollerskating, , video games, chocolate, and mint blue.

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Latest talk

Design for an unknown future - Video

Design for an unknown future

On the 08/06/2018 — TakeOff Conference, Lille


Year Description Links
2018 Design for an unknown future
TakeOff Conference, Lille

2017 TECHnostérone et UXtrogènes : c'est l'heure du bilan hormonal
Codeurs en Seine, Rouen

2017 It is time to rethink the way we work!
MiXiT Lyon

2014 Designer et intégrateurs, BFF
Blend Web Mix, Lyon

avec Goulven Champenois

2012 Design & emotion
WWW2012 - Lyon, France

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Side projects

Burnout : let's reignite the flame!

I'm co-running a publication dedicated to the collection of testimonials about burnout, to help people share their stories and heal faster.

I collect the beautiful and remarkable doors I come across when wandering around Lyon.

A collective compendium of beautiful doors from France and the world, collected by architecture and photography enthusiasts.