Being a designer means having a very strong sense of ethics. It is impossible to build tools that should be used by humans without using a firm hand and a structured approach. Here are a few rules that I apply to my practice:


Create open, free and interoperable artifacts which live cycle is readable, available and consistant. Acnkowledge and respect the ecosystem in which the artifact will exist.


Design trustworthy systems which ensure dignity, equal voice, retribution and power to people who contribute and use them. Create artifacts which respect their owners and are worthy of respect in how durable and understandable they are.


Scale design to a real, studied, quantified need. Define how and when the need is met. Measure success on human, natural and social impact, not figures nor numbers. Aim for just enough, not more.


Limit externalities, rely on decentralized systems only. Treat any resource as finite and precious, aim for the longest use life. Plan artifacts’ obsolescence, make it known to their users.