Foundations workshop: Niels Rodin

Year: 2018

Hand in hand with Sara Thom, artistic director, we have supported Niels Rodin in the formalisation of his philosophie, which is as important and delicate than the rare citruses he ...

Expat Heroes

Year: 2017

A very personal project where I had the honour to give a face to a "serial expat's" adventure into podcasting and experience sharing.

Foundations workshop : Oppido

Year: 2017

Oppido and I first started our collaboration with the aim of giving a "facelift" to their main product, Nova S5. They were facing some trouble in positioning their ...

Foundations workshop : Le Bon Gustave

Year: 2016

Clémence Durieux and her "wine detective" team trusted me to carry them through an exploration of their values. Thanks to the Foundations workshop, Le Bon Gustave and i...


Year: 2015

How do you start with an “e-learning for the newcomers” and end up redesigning the full newcomer welcome and training process? This is what happened with the “Onboarding” project....

BCV Avocats

Year: 2014

Recently created as well as settled in their new premises, BCV avocats law practice needed a visual identity.

Knowledge academy

Year: 2014

Coming across great ideas for new support tools thus making an organisation grow is always beneficial. But making sure that this tool will fit our users' needs and that they ...

Meeting Super Hero

Year: 2014

It can look like a real feat to pass sensitive management messages upon a whole international company's division. Nevertheless, it is the challenge my team and I decided to tackle ...


Year: 2014

Together with my former team, I supported Environmental Science, a Bayer Group division, into the development of their presence on the company's Internal Professional Social Network. Our objective was to ...

Café de la Mairie

Year: 2013

The Café de la Mairie's new owner needed to give the final and personal touch to her life-long project, a little French café in a typical area of Lyon.