Foundations Workshop

Atelier Fondamental by Marie-Cécile Godwin Paccard is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

I came up with this workshop concept in October 2016 when I was preparing for my talk at Blend Web Mix, "Reinvent the self at the digital era".

It has now been more than 12 years that I help organisations defining the face they want to share with the world. Very often, some questions resurface during a logo redesign or an event within the company.. Those questions are not innocent and show that it is time to pay close attention to what the organisation has to say and how it says it.

Too often we don't take the time to answer those calls for introspection. In order to value and guide them, this workshop listens to all the intuition-based things that have been used so far to cristallise them into proper foundations for a more natural communication.


This workshop can happen anytime within your project or company timeline. It adapts to your current state of progress, wether you are...

  • just defining your business idea,
  • ready to kickstart your project,
  • currently thinking about rescaling your company,
  • preparing an identity or an interface makeover,
  • looking for new markets,
  • …and so much more!

Big picture

Let's gather for half a day or a full day: I will help you initiate a conversation within your organisation. Together, we will define the 4 layers of your public image: values, purpose, objectives and tone of voice.
The Foundations Workshop is based on a methodology both structured and flexible enough so I can guide you according to your own pace. Step by step, I will ask you key questions which answers will set the right foundations for your future. I recommend that 3 to 5 participants join the workshop, among them a decision maker (but all profiles are welcome!)

We will define your 6 key values, your purpose for the next 3 to 5 years, the objectives you need to fulfill in order to honour this purpose and your tone of voice, all of it summarised on easy-to-use documents.


The methodology I created is based on the fundamentals of design thinking : divergence, convergence. Through free conversations naturally guided by my questions, we will diverge around the foundations of your project, the reasons which pushed you to set it up and the values which enliven you every day.
Then we will make all this data converge with your market, your targets and the objectives that you had previously set up. This will give us your purpose.
Very naturally, we will define the future objectives which will honour your purpose, inline with your values.
Your future tone of voice will appear and I will help you to cristallise it in clear statements.


Communicate clearly and easily about your project/company with:

  • tools which give consistency to your voice,
  • brief, easy to understand statements.

Make better choices every day with:

  • a clear common mission,
  • better defined objectives,
  • a straight-forward point of view on your project.

Work better with providers with:

  • more ease in the way you talk about your project.

Make better recruitments with:

  • a clearer public image, values that are visible and straight to the point,
  • values that all the team can identify to.