Burnout awareness

It is now a few years since burnout has sadly become a famous disease. Its recognition is not clear though, specifically as a work related disease, and it is the blatant symptom of a deeply engrained pain related to our work society. The web and technology world is wounded by it: sick leaves, added costs for companies as well as National Health Insurance... People suffering from it very often don't know who to turn to.

My friend Goulven Champenois and me are survivors to this sickness. As such, we decided to have a deep thinking about ourselves and about the causes that pushed us together with many other people down this slope. Today, we are done with burnout ourselves, and are looking for concrete solutions to eradicate it from our society. We started by writing a talk aimed at helping people to acknowledge it and drive them towards the possible ways out of it. We made a workshop out of this talk that we tested in Sud Web 2016, and before the immense flow of testimonies and thanks, we could only decide to go further.

We've createdthe platform "Burnout : rallumons la flamme !" (FR), all dedicated to testimonies and mutual aid for burnout victims:

  • A space allowing people to speak up in a non judgmental and empathic atmosphere,
  • An invitation to sharing and eliminating guilt,
  • A spirit of help, care, empathy and support,
  • A space where people sick with burnout, survivors and endangered people can find concrete solutions.

Along this initiative, we also build tools to help raise awareness around this condition. One of these is our "Army of 12 signs" (play on word based on the French title of the "12 monkeys" movie): this tool is a synthetic list of 12 signs that according to our experience may testify of work-related suffering.

If you are in pain or suffering from your work situation, or if you have defeated your own burnout, we would be pleased to welcome your testimony. You can send it to burnout@mcpaccard.com or write a post on Medium.com !

You can also read our advice about how to write your testimony [FR]

If you are experiencing suffering at work, burnout or if you are now healed, please contact us and tell us your story at burnout@mcpaccard.com